Sunday, October 3, 2010

Attack Day 7 (10.2 lbs lost!!!)

October 2nd, 2010

Today was an amazingly fun day! We were supposed to go the Balloon Fiesta but to make a long long story short we didn't... We did end up standing in line for about and hour and a half, which I found out burns about 141 calories and hour!? I'm not going to count that in my workout today though. Lol! Anyway we decided to make a day road trip to Sante Fe in place of. It was awesome! Good thing we ate a big breakfast before we left so I wouldn't be tempted into eating bad. They have great food in Sante Fe...

What I ate:
5am: 2 eggs
        1/2 cup of egg whites
        1/2 a piece of canadian bacon
        1/2 a 97% fat free hot dog
        2 cups of coffee with fat free creamer and fat free milk
8 am: Lo- carb monster energy drink
11 am: Ham, egg and cheese crepe
            3 cups of coffee with 2% milk... the restaurant didn't have fat free! :(
4 pm: Benefiber
6 pm: 14 oz of grilled chicken (This time marinated in fat free cream, fresh lime juice, cumin, fresh sliced jalapenos and a tiny bit of cayenne pepper. It was even better than the curry chicken!!)
          'Oopsie Rolls' (recipe courtesy of gentlemonkey, thanks!!)
7 pm: 4 oz of sugar free jello

Calories: 1471 Protein: 196 g Fat: 55 g!! Net Carbs: 44 g (10 carbs for the flour...) Sodium: 1949 mg

Good news lowest sodium day ever! Bad news 2nd highest fat day though! And there was a tiny bit of flour in the crepe batter for lunch. So I decided to omit the oat bran for today. I did 30 minutes on the bike for a little over 4 miles, 15 minutes on the elliptical for about 1.5 miles and did some weight training. I'm guessing about 500 calories burned? I lost .6 lbs! For a total of 10.2 lbs in 7 days!! This means an update photo though... yuck.

Okay so I took this picture, I'm not sure if I look any different but oh well (my arms still look horrible!):

Please ignore the dirty kitchen... Thanks! :) I hope the next 10 lbs come off as easy as the first!


  1. Hey LizzyBeth
    Well done on your weightloss. WOW I think you have done great. I like the idea of posting photos every 10 pounds.
    He he if you think your kitchen is dirty you should see mine!!!!
    What is it about tops of arms? Honestly I hate mine so I am glad that we are heading into winter - long sleeved tops here we come.
    I am going to try those rolls - they sound good.
    Oh well, just wanted to stop by and say"keep up the good work"


  2. Thank you Jeanette! I can't believe that I have lost this much. This diet really works! The rolls turned out really good. I think next time I will make them with some fresh herbs like chives or parsley. Ooh and I bet if you add some splenda and vanilla it would be good too. Thanks for being so supportive!


  3. Hey Lizzy! Great job on achieving your 10 pounds!...and you did it so quickly!
    I will have to make you a new button to celebrate and match your cool new blog colours xo

  4. Thanks Lauren! I LOVE your buttons. :)

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