Friday, October 1, 2010

I feel so stupid!!

I have been missing alcohol on this diet so I came up with 'great idea' that I would make a sugar free virgin mojito... I got some fresh mint leaves, limes and low-sodium club soda. I added two packets of splenda and it was awesome!! I seriously would drink 3 to 5 of those a day. Each drink would probably have half a lime in it... Why did I think that limes were carb free?? They are obviously a fruit. Each lime contains about 11 calories and 4 carbs worth of juice. If I had four of those drinks thats an extra 22 calories and 8 carbs a day!! Wow. I feel pretty dumb. I have been wondering why I wasn't losing as much weight as I was in day 1 and 2 of the Attack Phase when I wasn't using limes. Oh well. At least I know now, I still have 5 Attack days left.

But on the brighter side, mint leaves do not have any calories! I wonder how my 'mojito' would taste without limes though?

Anyone else miss alcohol?


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