Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 6 of the Attack Phase

October 1, 2010

I can't believe it has already been 6 days since I started. I thought it would be a lot harder to reach the 10th day of the Attack Phase but I don't think it will. I'm not sure if I am going to hit the 10 lb mark by the end of this week but I would love to by the 10th day. I have a lot more energy than I thought and I am surprisingly motivated. I have actually been to the gym 3 days in a row and exercised 4 days in a row. I am supposed to make my goal weight 3/4/2011 but I hope it will be sooner. I can't wait to be thin again!!! I think back to when I was thin and all I can remember is still feeling fat!? I must have been crazy...

I didn't wake up until 11 am today! I had to take a sleep aid last night because I had so much energy. I think I took it too late though because I still had that groggy, sleepy feeling at noon.

Things that I ate:
12 pm: 2 eggs
            1/2 cup of egg white
            3 slices of canadian bacon
            2 oz of fat free feta (yes, I found FAT FREE feta, it's amazing!!!!! only 35 calories an ounce)
            3 cups of coffee (I was tired, remember??) with fat free creamer, fat free milk and splenda
            3.5 grams of Benefiber (it really helps with um... #2 issues, sorry for the TMI)
1 pm: 1 light baby bel cheese
          diet 'mojito' with half a lime
5 pm: 8 oz of mahi (marinated in fresh lime juice, onion powder, garlic powder and low sodium soy sauce for 5 hours... AMAZING!!!)
          diet 'mojito' with half a lime
7 pm: 12 oz of grilled chicken breasts (marinated in the curry spices!!)
          3.5 grams of Benefiber
9 pm: 4 oz of fat free greek yogurt
          1.5 tbs of oat bran

Calories: 1333 Protein: 222 g Fat: 27 g Net Carbs: 40 g Sodium: 2383 mg!!! yay!!!

I did so so so good yesterday I think!! Lowest sodium ever so far! I worked out again. 20 minutes on the bike for 3.02 miles and 15 minutes on the elliptical for 1.5 miles. Maybe 400 calories burned?

I guess that hard work is paying off!!!! I lost 2 lbs yesterday for a total of 9.6 lbs in 6 days!!!!!!


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